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The 194 establishments that have joined the Aliments du Québec au menu program all stand out thanks to their innovative efforts to integrate local products in their food procurement.


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Why eat local?

  • To gain an awareness and appreciation of the rich variety of foods growing around us.
  • For exceptionally fresh produce that meets the most stringent health standards in the  world.
  • To encourage Québec farmers and processors and support our local economy.
  • To preserve and promote our local expertise.
  • To minimize the distances travelled by our food, thereby reducing the harmful environmental impacts of transportation.

And for many other reasons as well!

Join the movement: every action counts!

Do you want to have access to a menu offering fresh, locally sourced products at your workplace or university?

Do you want your child’s daycare, school or Cegep to serve dishes made with ingredients sourced in Quebec?

Encourage your institutions to join the Aliments du Québec au menu program in order to promote increased local food procurement and support the long-term integration of locally sourced products in their menus on a large scale!

Make your voice heard: talk to your food service providers.

An encouraging email from you could be the spark of a local shift in your establishment.

You can receive a sample email message to help you make your voice heard by your food service management.

Are you an institution?

The Aliments du Québec au menu program is for all institutions, large and small, who wish to make a shift toward more locally sourced food.

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