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Participating restaurants display the Aliments du Québec au menu logo on their door.

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More and more consumers want to know the origin of the food in their plate… even when they dine out at the restaurant.

Thanks to the Aliments du Québec au menu program, consumers can now take into account the source of the products offered to guide them when choosing a restaurant.

This recognition is a guide to enjoying the taste and quality of dishes proudly concocted with locally sourced ingredients.

Shining a spotlight on local products

Promoting local products from Québec means using products that are in season, favouring typical Québec ingredients, promoting the province’s culinary terroir AND, most important, buying from Québec producers and processors!

Restaurants recognized by the program undertake to offer a menu composed of at least 60% Québec-sourced products all year round.

Are you a restaurateur?

The Aliments du Québec au menu recognition program is open to all restaurateurs committed to promoting Québec products on their menus.

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